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Our classes follow a traditional curriculum established by the World Tang Soo Do Association. Our belt system is goal oriented and leads to the understanding that large goals in life can be achieved in small increments. There are ten gup (color belt) ranks for which a student must successfully test before becoming a black belt candidate. At each color belt, the student will learn ten defenses against strikes and five defenses against being held. Defenses against strikes are broken into two catagories. Five of the defenses are blocks and counters with the hands, and five are defending with kicks. Korean Hapkido techniques are taught as defenses against being grabbed or held. Hapkido is a form of joint locking used to control or disable an attacker. Hyung (forms) are techniques performed in a specific pattern utilizing multiple steps in different directions. Forms are taught at each rank along with applications for techniques within each form. As students advance in gup rank, weapons are added to the curriculum. Our primary weapon at gup level is the long staff; students are required to to adequately perform blocks, strikes, and forms by the time they reach black belt candidate level. The curriculum requirements for youth and adult are same and they must successfully perform the same techniques to advance in rank.

Tiny Tigers classes are for students 4 to 5 years of age and is part of the World Tang Soo Do Assocation's "World Karate Kids" program. Students 6 years of age may also join our Tiny Tigers program if they are not quite ready for our youth classes. Through games and fun drills we introduce the student to the art of Tang Soo Do. Our Tiny Tigers program places the student in a less stressful enviroment geared toward children of this age group while still teaching the basics of Tang Soo Do. Our goal is to improve the student's respect, obedience, concentration, self control, and attention span. Physically, the student will show improved balance, coordination, strength, and endurance.

Youth classes are for students 6 to 13 years of age. The focus of self-defense for the youth class differs from the adult. Children need the tools to defend against predators and bullies. Children will also develop character traits such as integrity, respect, self-control, humility, and indomitable spirit. Our rank system inherently develops leaders. As each student progresses in rank, they become leaders to lower rank. We place students in positions of responsibility over the class to develop leadership skills. As skills develop, the resposibilities will grow to meet the needs of the student. We believe that a challenging environment promotes development and when challenged, the student's skills will flourish.

Adult classes are for students 14 and above. Self-defense focus shifts to dealing with robbery or physical attack and classes are taught on a more mature level. Although Tang Soo Do is physically demanding, new students work at their own pace and ease into training. Our belt system also has a way of easing students into more demanding techniques. As students move up in rank, so does their physical ability and they graduate into a more demanding curriculum.
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